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Depending on your ensemble and/or instrument, you will need different supplies to help you maintain your instrument in working order.  For each item below, the ensembles and/or instruments that are in need of the items are listed.


These items can be purchased from Music and Arts.  See the information below to ensure you are getting exactly what you need!

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Wiping Cloth

Band and Orchestra Students Only

Click on a link to go to the supplies...

General Supplies & Wiping Cloth        Rosin & Rockstop        Shoulder Rest & Wire Music Stand     |     Oils, Grease & Reeds

Music Folder or Binder, Sheet Protectors, Sheet Music, & Pencil

All Students - Band, Chorus, and Orchestra (Sheet Protectors - Band Only)

All students are required to bring their their sheet music and a pencil everyday.  Orchestra students are required to get a SOLID BLACK ONE INCH BINDER, where Band and Chorus students are required to have their music folder.


See your band or chorus director for information about acquiring your music folder.

The purpose of the wiping cloth is to wipe rosin off of the instrument without scratching the finish on the instrument.  The wiping cloth should NOT be something that is expensive.  In fact, if you have a very soft wash cloth at home, that will work just fine.


The Music Nomad All Purpose Cleaning Cloth is a good example of a wiping cloth that is not overly expensive.


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Orchestra Students Only

  • Violins, Violas, and Cellos - Basic Rosin

  • Basses - Pop's Rosin


Orchestra Students Only

  • Cellos

  • Basses

The rockstop is placed on the floor underneath the cello or bass endpin to stop the instrument from sliding on the floor.  There are all different colors of rock stops available from Music and Arts and Amazon. 


It is important to get the right size rockstop.  The cello rockstop's hole is smaller than the bass rockstop.  Make sure to get the correct size.

Rosin is made from the resin of a tree (usually pine sap) and has been hardened into a "cake."  This hardened cake of rosin is then rubbed over the bow to make the horsehair sticky.  The horsehair can then cause friction against the strings, which causes them to vibrate, which is what causes noise on the instrument.


Violins, violas, and cellos can use basic rosin.  Basses should use a much stickier rosin, called  Pop's Bass Rosin.

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Shoulder Rest

Orchestra Students Only

  • Violins

  • Violas

Wire Music Stand

Band and Orchestra Students Only

Recommended but Optional

The Hamilton Wire Folding Music Stand is a cheaper music stand that you can fold up and take with you wherever you go.  While it is possible to simply place your music on a table, or on the screen of your laptop, having an actual music stand will help students to play with proper posture, which will help them to become a better strings musician.  While this is not a mandatory item to purchase, it is definitely an item that you should consider.

The shoulder rest is an important supply to have for playing the violin and viola.  The shoulder rest fills in the natural space between the instrument and the shoulder.  This allows the violinist or violist to play with better posture, and helps the instrumentalist to hold the instrument on the shoulder versus in the hand, allowing for better finger position and technique including vibrato and shifting.


The Everest Shoulder Rest is one of the most popular shoulder rests today.  It offers the flexibility and comfort of a premium shoulder rest at an affordable cost.  The linked shoulder rest is for violin only and is only available in black.  Everest viola shoulder rests and different colored Everest shoulder rests  can be ordered at Music and Arts in Kiln Creek (see below), or online at Amazon.  


NOTE:  The shoulder rest should be purchased based on the SIZE of the instrument.  Violinist sizes will range between 3/4 and 4/4, while viola sizes will range between 14" and 15 1/2".  If you do NOT know your instrument size, see Mr. Roberts before purchasing your shoulder rest!

Valve and Slide Oil

Band Students - Brass Only

  • Valve Oil - French Horns, Trumpets, Baritone Horns, Tubas

  • Slide Oil - Trombones

Music and Arts Center

Located in Yorktown

in the Kiln Creek Shopping Center



209 Village Ave., Ste. I

Yorktown, VA 23693


Phone:  (757) 988-3970


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Valve and slide oil provides lubrication to brass instrument valves and slides.  This is an important product to have to ensure the proper functioning of valves and slides.  Members of the Passage Band will use the following valve and slide oil:


Famous Al Cass Fast is a combination valve, slide, and musical instrument key lubricant will not gum or separate under any weather conditions. 2-oz. bottle.


Band Students - Woodwinds Only

  • Clarinets

  • Saxophones

Cork Grease

Band Students - Woodwinds Only

  • Clarinets

  • Saxophones

Vandoren Cork Grease is a high quality lubricant for corks and flute headjoints. Using Vandoren cork grease will help corks stay airtight and supple. Grease comes in a lipstick-like tube for easy application, and has a pleasant apple blossom scent.

Students who play reed instruments (clarinet and saxophone) are required to have reeds for their instrument.  Without reeds, these instruments cannot be played.  It is the responsibility of each student to have reeds for their clarinet or saxophone.


Beginner students should play on a size 2 reed, where advanced students should play on a size 2 1/2 reed.


The appropriate brand of reed for the Passage Middle School band will be Vandoren: 

Tuners - Orchestra Students Only

Orchestra students who are at the advanced and intermediate levels will be tuning their own instruments.  At first, this is a long process; but once a student understands how to tune their own instrument, it is a technique that will help them for the rest of their musical career. 


A digital chromatic tuner is required for students to begin the process of learning how to tune their instruments.  While there are many digital chromatic tuners in the market, and many of them would be very appropriate for string instruments, I have provided several recommended options below.


Please be sure to have your digital chromatic tuner by the end of the second week of school.  


NOTE:  Prices listed below are taken from the corresponding website's listed price and are listed here for your convenience.  Prices are subject to change at anytime with or without notice.  The Passage Middle School Music Department does NOT guarantee the prices listed below.  Please see the retailer's site for the most accurate and up to date prices by clicking on the appropriate button.

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