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Welcome to Orchestra

Welcome to our Orchestra!!  We are so EXCITED to have you as part of our FAMILY!!


You have already completed the first step to being a part of our Orchestra signed up!  Now, it's time to get you started!  You are a part of a very important group of students at Passage Middle School.  Our FAMILY holds its members to the highest of standards.  Without YOU, we will not be as successful as we are WITH YOU!!  Yes, our standards are high, but we promise, YOU CAN DO IT!! 


Over the last five years, our Orchestra Family has created much success!  We have earned 9 FIRST PLACE TROPHIES, 5 OVERALL BEST MIDDLE SCHOOL / JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL TROPHIES, 12 SUPERIOR RATINGS at competition festivals and our Virginia District Orchestra Assessment, and the ESPIRIT DE CORPS award for most disciplined and best behaved ensemble at a Music in the Parks Festival.


Now, it is your turn!  You are now a member of our FAMILYWhat you do over the next seven months will determine your success when you play for judges in APRIL!!  It won't be will be HARD WORK!!  It will take dedication.  It will take perseverence.  It will take discipline.  But, the good news is...YOU CAN DO IT!!  ...and, if you follow all of the instructions you are given, IT WILL BE FUN!!


Here is your FIRST TASK:  Please complete the steps below to ensure you are ready for the first day of school!  If you haven't completed this by the first day of school, it will be your homework on the first evening (so, get it done now to save you time to do all of your other homework from your other classes on the first night).

If you need anything at all, feel free to contact me at anytime!  Email is the best method, and you can contact me at


I'm so EXCITED to have you as part of our FAMILY!!  It is going to be a funfilled and exciting year!  I look forward to working with you!!   


Musically Yours,

Shawn Roberts, Director of Orchestras

Mary Passage Middle School


Steps to Getting Started in Orchestra...

By completing the steps below, you will be ready to start Orchestra.  We know this is a lot of information, so feel free to complete each step one day at a time.  However, you will need to complete all of these steps by the end of the first week of school (Step 1 needs to be completed by the second night of school).

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