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Welcome to the Award Winning Passage Middle School Music Department



We hope that you are as excited to join the Passage Music Family as we are to have you!  We really do believe that our students are part of our music family and we enjoy working with them everyday!  


There are many resources on this website that will help you to have a better understanding of what it means to be a part of our Passage Music Family.  Take a look at some of the resources below and check out the band, orchestra, and chorus programs at Passage Middle School!!


Please see the resources we have listed below!  Also, here are some brief definitions that will help you to navigate your way around the music world!




Ensemble:  A group of musicians, for example, the band, the chorus, and the orchestra are all ensembles.


Director:  The teacher for the ensemble.  Mr. Bell is the Band Director, Mr. Roberts is the Orchestra Director, and Mrs. Powell is the Chorus Director.


Student Musicians:  The students who are a part of the Music Department at Passage Middle School.  We have Band, Orchestra, and Chorus Musicians.  (This would be YOU!!).


Parents:  The Parents are an important part of the Music Department.  Together, they create an organization called the Parent Boosters.  The Parents support YOUR efforts as musicians.  Without the teacher-musician-parent three-way partnership, success cannot easily happen.  Therefore, the parents are very important!


Handbook: The Music Department Handbook has all of the information you need to know about being in the Music Department.  All musicians should read the updated handbook each year!


Ensemble Pages - Information about each Ensemble


Music FAQ - Answers questions about being a part of the Music Department


Performing Arts Handbook - This document is defined above.


About the Directors - Information about each Director


Upcoming Events - A listing of events coming up over the next couple months.


Calendar - Contains the different events that will happen throughout the school year.  Come out and see some of our will help you to see what we're all about!


Sounds of the Seasons - WTKR recorded some of our holiday music in December.  You can view a performance from each of the music ensembles.



Prospective Student Resources

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