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This guide is meant to help you effectively assist your child during their at-home practice, which will lead to effective in-school and after-school rehearsals, which will lead to successful performances. 

$27.00 for a Violin!!  That's a great deal, right?  I mean, $27.00 for a violin, any color of the rainbow, comes with a case, a bow AND rosin!  Wow!!  Oh, it's on sale TODAY ONLY!!  I have gotta get that for my child!  Warning!  I would strongly recommend that you do not do it!  ...and here is why!

This article by C.M. Sunday lists, in no particular order, a few things string students and parents should know.  All of the listed concerns will not be relevant for younger groups, but are important and will most definitely be used throughout high school, and professional or semi-professional orchestras.  Please be sure to know these things as they will help you to be successful in orchestra!

This short answer is YES!  However, all practice is not good practice.  So, while the short answer may seem adequate enough, your understanding of the necessity to practice is more important.  Parental support is one of the cornerstones to a successful musician.  Working together, we can help your child realize the success of their full potential.

Orchestra Resources


Here are some resources that are intended to help Orchestra Parents to help their children become better Orchestra Musicians!

                     well as effective in-school & after-school rehearsals and successful performances!

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