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Leadership Ensemble

Symphony Strings

Email from August 12, 2016


Happy Friday!

I hope that all of you have enjoyed your summer! As you may know, our eighth grade advanced orchestra (also known as Symphony Strings) has a leadership ensemble, which is made up of the first two seats in the violin, viola, and cello sections, and the first seat in the bass section.  This chamber ensemble is important because it performs for functions where we would like a musical performance, but not necessarily an entire string orchestra.  Membership in the Leadership Ensemble is based off of current chair placements and fluctuates throughout the school year.  You are receiving this email because your child is currently in this ensemble.  Congratulations!!At the end of last year, all students in this ensemble, who were at school during the last week of school, were given a packet of music to learn over the summer to prepare for our first rehearsal and performance of the year, which will take place on August 30-31, a rehearsal on the 30th and performances all afternoon on the 31st for 6th Grade Orientation and Open House.  Back in June, they were given instructions to show you the front page of the packet, which has all of the information regarding this important performance.  I have attached that page of the packet to this email. 

6th Grade Orientation and Open House are the two largest recruiting events for the year.  Last year, we increased the orchestra by 40% and maxed out the 6th grade orchestra class due to these events, and the year before it was even higher.  Our performances at these events could have an effect on the orchestra program at Passage MS for the next three years.  So, it is very important that your child attend both the rehearsal and the performance event to ensure successful performances.   


Our rehearsal will be held on Tuesday, August 30th from 9:00am-12:00pm.  For the performances on Wednesday, August 31st, students will need to report to Passage Middle School by 12:30pm.  Performances for 6th Grade Orientation will be held continuously from 1:00pm-3:00pm.  I will feed your children pizza for dinner (or they can bring something else to eat if you would prefer) around 3:30pm.  We will then perform at Open House at 4:00pm, 5:15pm, and 6:00pm.  Students can be picked up by 6:30pm.  If you would prefer to go meet your child's teachers before 6:30pm, there is time built in to do so from 4:30pm-5:00pm.  Unfortunately, bus transportation is not available for the rehearsal or performance.  You will need to arrange for transportation for your child.

If you have any questions, please let me know!!  In return for their willingness to perform for this very important recruiting event, your child will be seated either first or second chair until the first seating test scheduled for the beginning of October.


If you could please reply to this email and confirm that your child will be preset at the rehearsal and performances, I would be most appreciative! (parents who don't have email can text or call Mr. Roberts at (757) 528-2033.  Thank you for giving me the privilege of working with your child!  I am looking forward to an exciting year!! 


Shawn Roberts

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