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Music Department Handbook

Other Activities

Adjudicated Performance Trips


In addition to Concert Assessment, our ensembles often take adjudicated performance trips during the school year.  Most often, these trips and adjudicated performances occur in the Spring.  Our ensembles have previously performed in Music in the Parks festivals at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Six Flags America in Upper Marlboro, MD, and Hersheypark in Hershey, PA.  Our Advanced Orchestra has also previously performed in the 2018 National Orchestra Festival in Atlanta, GA.


Generally, our beginner ensembles will perform in a Busch Gardens festival, while our intermediate and advanced ensembles generally perform at locations that require travel. 


Students are required to attend all after-school rehearsals in order to maintain good standing.  Students who are absent from more than 15% of in-school rehearsals and/or after-school rehearsals are no longer considered to be in "good standing."  Therefore, students who are absent from more than 15% of in-school or after-school rehearsals while preparing for Adjudicated Performances may be removed from performing in either of those settings, at the discretion of the Director.  Should that performance be a graded performance, the students will be responsible for completing the Alternative Assignment for that performance within five days of the performance in order to earn the grade.


It is each student's responsbility to maintain an awareness of their attendance and ensure they do not miss more than 15% of rehearsals in preparation of Concert Assessment and other Adjudicated Performances.


The Passage Middle School Music Department has seen much success in their spring adjudicated performance trips.  Previously, the Orchestra, Band, and Chorus have all earned first place trophies, superior ratings, and overall best middle school ensemble trophies.  In addition, the Orchestra has earned the presigious Espirit de Corps award in 2017.


Generally, trips that require payment from our students are optional and carry no grade.  Students choose to attend this trip due to the experience they receive, that is the opportunity to perform for adjudication, attend a day in a theme park, and to celebrate our acheivements at the Award Ceremony.  In addition, we provide opportunities for students to participate in fundraisers in order to defray the cost of the trip.



Fundraising opportunities will arise during the school year. These opportunities help each student to reduce their costs for off-property performance trips. More information will be communicated when we get closer to the start of a fundraiser.


Other Off-Property Performance Trips

Other opportunities to perform off of school property arise throughout the school year.  While some of the opportunities are optional because they require a payment, others that do not require a payment are required and will be a part of your performance grade.  Information will always be sent home as far in-advance as possible.  When a parent does not allow a student to attend a required off-property performance trip, they will be required to complete the alternative assignment for the performance.


District and All-City Honor Ensembles

Opportunities to audition for honor ensembles will be available during the school year. Student participation in auditioning for these ensembles may be made mandatory at the Director’s discretion. All band and orchestra RETURNING students will be REQUIRED to audition for All-City as school bus transportation will be made available for these auditions.


Festival Crew

Music in the Parks Festivals, and other events, may be hosted by Mr. Bell at Passage Middle School again this year. In order to host these festivals, a crew of serious, well-mannered and dedicated musicians will be needed. We will start the application process in January for this crew. The crew will be open to all Band, Chorus, and Orchestra musicians. Music in the Parks festivals are a great fundraiser for our Music Program, and allow us to operate efficiently throughout the school year. We hope that all musicians will consider applying for this year’s Festival Crew!


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