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Music Department Handbook

After-School Activities

After-School Rehearsals


After-school rehearsals are a period of time which allows all students in an ensemble to rehearse together for an extended length of time.  This allows student musicians to be able to get portions of the music that cannot be done in a normal class setting rehearsed and worked out.  In addition, many of our ensembles are split across several sections of class periods.  An after-school rehearsal allows for students in an ensemble to rehearse together. 


Without 100% of our students attending these after-school rehearsals, we are unable to achieve maximum success in our performance.  Because of this, the following after-school rehearsal policies are in effect for all after-school rehearsals.

  • Attendance at all after-school rehearsals is mandatory, and are a part of each student musician's grade

  • Due to the criteria outlined above, after-school rehearsals cannot be made up

  • Rehearsal schedules will be communicated weeks in advance

  • Absences from an after-school rehearsal follow the same attendance policy as the school day:  Absences due to illness and family emergency are excused

  • Absences outside of the above noted excused absences are considered unexcused and must be communicated to the director at least one week in advance...this includes: appointments with a doctor/dentist, other appointments deemed necessary by parents, etc...  Upon communicating the absence to the director at least one week in advance, the director may excuse the absence at their discretion 

  • Other after-school activities are not considered excused and will not be excused


Eligibility for Concert Assessment and Adjudicated Performances

According to the Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors’ Association policies, musicians are eligible to perform in Concert Assessment should they: 1) be a student at Passage Middle School, 2) are a regular participant in the ensemble, and 3) are a member of the ensemble in “good standing.”  Students are required to attend all after-school rehearsals in order to maintain good standing.


Students who are absent from more than 15% of in-school rehearsals and/or after-school rehearsals are no longer considered to be in "good standing."  Therefore, students who are absent from more than 15% of in-school or after-school rehearsals while preparing for Concert Assessment or any other Adjudicated Performance may be removed from performing in either of those settings, at the discretion of the Director.  Should that performance be a graded performance, the students will be responsible for completing the Alternative Assignment for that performance within five days of the performance in order to earn the grade.


It is each student's responsbility to maintain an awareness of their attendance and ensure they do not miss more than 15% of rehearsals in preparation of Concert Assessment and other Adjudicated Performances.



Efficiency of Time

It is important to understand that in-class rehearsals are primary, where after-school rehearsals are secondary.  We communicate after-school rehearsal schedules well in-advance because we want to give you the courtesy of arranging your schedule so you can be present at all after-school rehearsals.  With that said, we also believe in using our time effectively and efficiently.  Because of this, it is important to understand that when an after-school rehearsal is approaching, if that rehearsal is no longer needed because in-class time is adequate, then the after-school rehearsal will be cancelled. 


IMPORTANT:  If in-class rehearsal time is effective, where all students are present, come into class, get their instruments out immedsaitely, tuned, and warmed-up, and are engaged during each and every in-class rehearsal, the need for after-school rehearsal time is diminished, thus requiring less time out of class.


ALSO IMPORTANT:  In cases where an ensemble is split among several classes (i.e. beginner ensembles), it will still be necessary to have after-school rehearsals so that the ensemble can become learn to perform together, to trust each other, and maintain a maximum level of performance.


Finally, please understand that we intend to NOT waste your time.  When an after-school rehearsal is held, it is absolutely needed.  Because of this, the policies and procedures set below will be in place during all after-school rehearsals.


After-School Policies and Procedures

In order for after-school rehearsals to be effective, the following policies and procedures are in place.

  • All set policies and procedures during in-class rehearsals apply to after-school rehearsals.

  • All students staying after-school should acquire a YELLOW SLIP and report directly to the appropriate after-school rehearsal location.

  • During breaks, all students should remain in the rehearsal room...NOT the hallway, the lobby, or anywhere else.  In the event that a student needs to leave the rehearsal room, they must get authorization from their director and take a hall pass, just like they would during the school day.

  • At the conclusion of the rehearsal, all students must either report directly to the cafeteria or directly to the teacher who will be with them during their next after-school activity.  Failure to do so may result in after-school priviledges being revoked by the school administration.

  • Please note that the administration of the school will suspend after-school priviledges to students who do not follow after-school policies and procedures.  Students who can no longer attend after-school rehearsals will earn a grade of 0 for each rehearsal they cannot attend.


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